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Sunil JayasingheExpat Services

With native Sri Lankans and their families spread all over the world, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with personal matters in Sri Lanka. This is where I can help.

Passport Applications
I can help obtain the paperwork, submit and follow up on applications for intial passports and renewals. If there is any paperwork that is required from any institutions in Sri Lanka I can organise the location and transfer of these documents also.

Dual Nationality Applications
Since November 1987 it has been possible for Sri Lankans to hold dual nationality. There are many advantages of dual nationality including, easier travel to Sri Lanka and the ability to purchase property in Sri Lanka without the usual restrictions put on foreign nationals.

Applications are processed and a Certificate of Dual Nationality will be issued. Once this certificate has been issued, you become eligible to obtain a new Sri Lanka passport.

Children born abroad may be eligible to hold a Sri Lanka passport if the father is a Sri Lankan Citizen.

If you require either of these services, please get in touch.

General Concierge Services: Paperwork, Errands etc.
Difficult to explain but, generally anything that you need to be done in Sri Lanka but can't attend to personally - I offer my services as a honest & trustworthy individual.

Nothing is out of the question, just get in touch to see if I can help.